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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I use body butters?
A. Body butters work best by applying after you get out of the shower or bath. You want to pat the skin dry but leave a little dampness and apply the body butter to the skin.  Applying to the skin after your shower or bath helps lock in the moisture.  Of course, you can use body butters at anytime throughout the day and reapply as needed. 

Q. My body butter melted during delivery what should I do?
A. During warmer months body butters are known to melt at higher temperature as they sit in the heat, mail trucks, mailboxes or your front porch. Our goal at Chi & Chiang is to ensure you have the best customer experience and that your order arrives intact by securing your package with extra padding to keep the body butter insulated. In the warmer months we suggest that once your order ships and you receive notification of your tracking number to be on the lookout for your package to avoid prolonged exposure to heat by sitting your mailbox or on porch. If upon arrival your body butter is melted just give it a stir and place it into the refrigerator or freezer until it solidifies.

*Please note if your body butter melts it will still retain its nutrients to nourish your skin and you can still enjoy our product, but it will no longer be in a whipped form. This may also cause your product to appear as though it is not full inside of the container because it is no longer in a whipped form*.