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About Us

Meet the Founders Of Chi & Chiang
(pronounced chee & chang)

Hello! We are William and Danyell the founders of Chi & Chiang. Chi & Chiang was founded in the spring of 2020 right inside our very own kitchen.  At first it was just talk about creating handcrafted body products that contain natural ingredients such as Shea Butter along with other skin butters and skin loving oils to nourish the skin.  Being able to read the label and easily identify the ingredients is key! We wanted our skin to be nourished and in its healthiest state possible.  What we put on our skin is important as topical products are absorbed through the skin and into the body.  William and our son both suffer from eczema and is always looking for ways to keep the skin moisturized and nourished. We realized that our gift and passion to create could no longer remain “just talk” or an idea but we had to bring things to fruition.  Chi & Chiang was no longer just a name, but it would become our brand. A brand that will not only consist of beauty products but the incorporation of wellness and many other products to come.